Tiger Foam seals against weather, insects, and vermin; dampens sound in silos and storage bins; reduces bruising; and helps maintain consistent temperature and humidity.

Air Conditioning
Tiger Foam seals and insulates pipes and duct work. More efficient than duct wrapping, Tiger Foam can be applied in a fraction of the time and provide a true monolithic seal.

Tiger Foam provides excellent sound and condensation control while providing superior fire ratings and fills voids and extrusions to reduce vibration.

Asbestos Abatement
Tiger Foam creates negative air pressure in or around pipe penetrations, HVAC ductwork, and regular or irregular voids.

Atomic Energy Plants
Tiger Foam Class-1 ASTM E-84 formula is used to insulate and seal.

Automotive, O.E.M., Dealer & Aftermarket
Tiger Foam reduces sound; strengthens seams; and fills quarters, sides, and roofs, sound control panels and channels.

Bathtub Installation
Tiger Foam levels and insulates to help maintain proper water temperatures and provides structural strength and moisture resistance.

Block, Concrete
Tiger Foam fills interior voids and cavities in block.

Boat, Flotation
Tiger Foam is used for flotation and to fill voids (1 cubic foot floats 60 pounds), adds structural support, and reduces or eliminates vibration.

Bridge, Underside Insulation
Tiger Foam sprayed underneath cement or metal will insulate and reduce freezing on top of bridge road surfaces. It is also useful to channel or redirect water from concrete during or after its set time.

Camouflage, Military, Sportsmen
Tiger Foam can be sprayed into any shape. Painting over Tiger Foam will preserve against UV light deterioration and create camouflage.

Tiger Foam seals and insulates camper floors, walls, water tanks, and wheel wells, providing structural strength and greatly reducing vibration.

Tiger Foam fills voids and seals against water, insects, and vermin.

Cavity Walls
Tiger Foam fills voids, suppresses noise, and provides superior insulation.

Cold Storage, Containers, Freezers, Walk-Ins
Tiger Foam is practically custom made for the cold storage industry, providing superior R-value, custom fits, and elimination of condensation.

Tiger Foam, as a wall-cavity system, seals and insulates against air and moisture infiltration.
It can be used alone or in conjunction with fiberglass batts or cellulose insulation to provide sound proofing and insulation. It seals sill and top plates, block or brick walls, penetrations, and under floor insulation. Tiger Foam is also excellent for use with radiant heat systems.

Dams and Dikes
Tiger Foam seals and supports structures.

Docks, Floating
Tiger Foam is used for flotation and (1 cubic foot floats 60 pounds) to fill containers (i.e. 55-gallon drums), which can then be attached to docks.

Electricity Plants
Tiger Foam is ideal for sealing and insulatation in various building maintenance projects.

Emergency Shelters
Tiger Foam insulates, seals, and protects from bad weather or airborne contaminants.

Exterior Wall Fascia
Tiger Foam reduces or eliminates exterior condensation.

Fishing Boats
Tiger Foam seals and insulates while providing flotation and sound control.

Floating Roof Sections, Storage Tanks
Tiger Foam seals and insulates refinery storage tanks.

Fuel Storage Tanks
Tiger Foam repairs insulation after maintenance.

Geothermal Pipe Systems
Tiger Foam is specifically used around pipe perimeters both below grade and above grade where applicable.

Irregular Surfaces and Shapes
Tiger Foam will form to any shape or surface. Geodesic dome structures especially benefit from this property of Tiger Foam insulation.

Manufacturing Plants
Tiger Foam is used in maintenance projects and permits many applications to be brought in-house as a more cost-efficient and viable solution, especially when production and maintenance schedules conflict. Pipe insulation, condensation control, and mission critical packaging are all frequent uses for Tiger Foam products.

Marine Salvage
Tiger Foam is commonly used for voids, flotation, and as a propeller seal.

Metal Buildings
Tiger Foam insulates, seals, and prevents or eliminates condensation.

Mining Industry
Tiger Foam seals off tunnel walls from unwanted air drafts and closes abandoned mineshaft openings.

Party/Privacy Walls
Tiger Foam seals, soundproofs, and reduces vibration.

Pipe Covering, “PVC”
Tiger Foam is sprayed in and around pipe joints, fittings, and elbow covers.

Pole and Post Setting
Tiger Foam is fast and easy to use for the setting of mailboxes, fences, or posts.

Tiger Foam seals and insulates concrete joint systems.

Rail Car Hopper Sealing
Tiger Foam is sprayed along floor and sides to seal hoppers.

Reefer Trucks
Tiger Foam repairs, replaces, or upgrades insulation and lowers operating costs. It is easy to apply
and completely cured in minutes.

Rescue, Deep Shaft Mining
Tiger Foam seals off certain shafts to maintain oxygen levels.

Roller, Conveyor
Tiger Foam lends structural support and sound abatement, and is ideal for scheduled and emergency plant maintenance.

Tiger Foam is frequently used for repair and night seal, to insulate roofs against heat loss, and help prevent ice dams.

Tiger Foam is widely used for theatrical, scholastic, and amusement sets.

Sewer Pipes
Tiger Foam seals off pipes and leaks for maintenance and is used on pipe perimeter for noise reduction.

Spas, Hot Tubs
Tiger Foam insulates and reduces noise and vibration on O.E.M. assembly, and replaces insulation after service and repair.

Stage Set Design, Theatrical Arts
Tiger Foam conforms to any desired shape and can be cut, sanded, or painted. It is E-84 Fire-Rated.

Tank Seal
Tiger Foam adheres to EPA regulations for obsolete tanks, both above and below ground. It also protects against condensation and thermal loss for tanks in use.

Tiger Foam is used for transformer-pad leveling and sealing against gas leaks, and to provide a thermal barrier for underground piping and energy installations from pipelines to control and
security structures.

Wall Penetrations
Tiger Foam is sprayed into cavities to fill, seal, and insulate.

Water Sealing
Tiger Foam lends structural support and sound abatement while providing a very low permeability quotient and high integrity moisture control in low hydrostatic pressure environments such as basements and crawl spaces.