Pro Tips

Understanding R-Values

If you’re looking to re-insulate your home, you’ve probably stumbled upon spray foam insulation as an option. If yours is an older home, you’re probably already somewhat aware of the lower R-value insulation found in older houses like yours. If the insulation in your home is┬ámore than 20 years old, its effectiveness has deteriorated. If […]

Spray Foam Basics

If your new to spray foam and especially if your new to insulation in general you probably have a lot of questions about what all this industry lingo means. In this article we will go into the basics of our product and describe some of the most common terms and concepts behind spray foam insulation. […]

5 Essential Spray Foam Safety Tips From the Pros at Tiger Foam

Getting ready to install spray foam for your next project? Well before you even pick up the applicator gun, you need to focus on preparation and safety. These five essential tips will keep you safe and productive during your insulation installation. 1. A high quality respirator and safety goggles are required All of Tiger Foam […]

Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foam: Which Should I Choose?

Trying to decide what type of spray foam insulation you should use for your jobs? It’s trickier than it seems – though closed cell and open cell foam both insulate a home, they do it in different ways. In this guide we will examine open cell vs closed cell foam and help you pick the […]

Spray Foam Tank Operating TIPS

Important Tank Tips Tank Temperature For best results, maximum yield, and the best spraying foam, the chemicals in the tanks should be between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer and in warm climates, this is easy to do. In cold climates or winter months, we suggest you use a forced air heater of […]

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