Spray Foam Insulation Can Help Reduce Your Heating & Cooling Bills By Up To 50%

Compared to other types of insulation, spray foam insulation provides signifacant annual savings on heating and cooling costs. Our sprayfoam kits are completely self-contained and 100% recyclable, You don’t need anything else but what comes with our kits. You’ll be saving money as soon as the foam is sprayed.

Tiger Foam™ Insulation can quickly pay for itself!

Take 30-50% off your utility bills and add that up over the months and before you know it your insulation investment has paid for itself.

Tiger Foam Insulation™ Kits are Easy to Use!

Tiger Foam Insulation™ Kits come complete with gun and hose assembly, extra nozzle tips, and they require no outside power source or additional machinery to apply. These portable and recyclable spray foam insulation kits are easy to use.

You can find valuable tips and information on using Tiger Foam™ Slow Rise Insulation to retrofit an older home in one of our customer’s tutorials titled:
Injection of Tiger Foam™ into closed walls for insulation of older houses

This product is well-engineered, but it is a two component chemical process that makes the foam. Therefore, there are explicit instructions you must follow to get the best results. We are EXTREMELY careful to make this information available to you in our PDF Data Sheet Section and urge you to read the operating instructions, product MSDS’s and the FAQ. The FAQ is especially informative and can be downloaded in PDF format by CLICKING HERE. In depth information for each of our products is available in Technical Links above.

Of course, we also welcome your phone call to discuss your particular application and methods if you have any question about using our product. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your need to seal, insulate, waterproof or fill any area of your structure, home or application that requires great insulation.

Important Tank Tips

Tank Temperature
For best results, maximum yield, and the best spraying foam, the chemicals in the tanks should be between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer and in warm climates, this is easy to do. In cold climates or winter months, we suggest you use a forced air heater of some sort to bring the chemicals up to optimum temp. Too hot or cold reduces yield!

Shake Them Up!
You should agitate the canisters to mix the propellant well before you start spraying. This insures that you get good pressure all the way to the end of the canisters. Simply rocking or rolling the larger tanks back and forth for a minute or two is sufficient. The A tank tends to need to be shaken longer than the B tank.

High Pressure!
These tanks are pre-pressurized and like any pressurized tanks, there is more pressure when you first open them than there is near the end of the tank. The trigger on the application gun is metered in that the further you pull back on the trigger, the faster the chemicals dispense. Please adjust your flow to match your application goals.

Change Nozzle Tips
The nozzle tip on the end of the application gun is actually the mixing chamber for the two chemicals. This high tech nozzle is ribbed in such a way to create a mixing ‘vortex’ within the tip so well mixed foaming agents are dispensed for maximum results. Just as the foam rises and hardens in 30-45 seconds for the fast rise formula, it will do so in the tip if chemical isn’t being sprayed through the tip.

Once the trigger is squeezed it must be reactivated within 30 seconds or a new nozzle must be installed. The tips also need to be changed every 8 minutes of continuous spray time. Failure to do this could result in chemical leakeage that could ruin the dispensing unit and/or hoses.

Have a well-insulated day and please call us if you have any questions at all.

We welcome your inquiries and there are many ways of contacting us. Phone, Contact Form, or just ASK MR. FOAM – and get your project done with a great feeling of accomplishment when the results are more than you expected.