Tiger Foam™ – Fast Rise & Slow Rise Polyurethane Foams are mainly used as a high quality insulation material. This System is used to spray, inject, pour or fill and fix various materials with rigid, closed cell Polyurethane Foam.

  • Spraying between stud walls, for insulation
  • Crawlspace and under floors. Air and Water Tight! Great for preventing flooding damage and drafts.
  • Sound proofing. Air Seal.
  • Metal Building Insulation – Stops Condensation – Adds Structural Stability.
  • Cold storage warehouses, trucks, tankers, and railcars
  • New build or renovation of old properties.
  • Barn Conversions
  • Emergency or temporary water dykes or stops for projects or flood/hurricane zones.
  • Pipe Insulation – up to -200 to +200 degrees Fahrenheit. (-129 to +93 Celsius)
  • Vibration and Noise Control
  • Filling gaps post and pre construction
  • Resists Oil and Petrochemicals – temporary hazmat spill containment
  • Motor wells, wheel wells, storage on boats, barges, planes
  • Airplane Hanger Insulation
  • Insulating commercial & residential construction
  • Filling openings in boats & trailers
  • Converting vans & buses
  • Spraying wood or metal sheds for insulation and stopping condensation.
  • Insulating spas & hot tubs
  • Large surface coverage and large voids
  • Loft and/or Roof insulation
  • Stage & Set design
  • Sound and noise reduction in walls
  • Buoyancy in boats
  • Filling blind cavities and narrow openings
  • Skateboard Ramps/Parks
  • Spraying underside of slate tiles, to hold tiles in place, to help insulation, water proof and stop condensation


Metal Buildings. Seals, Insulated, Stops Condensation.


Stage Props. These trees were used in the Harry Potter Movie Sets.


Boats and ships are a natural place for buoyant Tiger Foam™.


Tiger Foam™ is Grrreat for barn conversions!


Insulation for Barn Conversions