Why Tiger Foam?

  • Air Barrier – Leaks cost you a bundle. Even adding just 1 inch of Tiger Foam can seal out air leaks.
  • Vapor Retarder – Unlike open cell spray, cellulose, or fiberglass insulation, Tiger Foam’s closed cell insulation is practically waterproof.
  • Simple – Tiger Foam kits are designed for easy used, you get the results you expect from the very first time you spray. Simple instructions, toll free support, videos, and 100% guaranteed against defect.
  • Extremely High R Value – Every 1 inch of cured foam give you an R value of 7.0
  • Does Not – contain CFC’s, VOC’s, PENTA-BDE’s, or Formaldehyde.
  • Quick & Easy – Just spray it on and Tiger Foam rises roughly to 1 inch of thickness.
  • Pest & Mold Resistant – Tiger Foam cannot hold moisture, which makes it mold resistant. Tiger Foam has been engineered so insects, rodents, and other pests will disregard it as a food source.

Toll Free: 800-664-0063
International: (001) +1-732-927-2090

Fax Number: 877-415-1185
International Fax: (001) 1 +732.927.2091

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