Tiger Foam™ Open Cell Formula – 1350 Board Foot Spray Foam Insulation Kit

Tiger Foam Open Cell 1350 Board Foot Spray Foam Insulation Kit

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made-in-usaTiger Foam™ Open Cell 1350 Kit – #TF-1350
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Tiger Foam™ Open Cell Spray Foam is a multiple purpose open cell, low density polyurethane spray foam that utilizes a non-flammable blowing agent and is excellent for sound deadening and reducing noise levels. Open Cell Spray Foam conforms to the requirements of ASTM E84 as a “Class 2” material, tested at 4” thickness. This kit comes complete with a 15 ft Gun/Hose Assembly, 8 Cone Nozzle Tips, and kit preparation instructions.

Respirator Masks with organic vapor filters and a prefilter for particulates are required when applying spray foam insulation. PLEASE read our Operating Instructions & FAQ PDF file for additional, important usage info. This kit has a theoretical yield of 1350 board feet (450 square feett at 3″) or 112.5 cu. ft.

The shipping weight per kit is approx. 116lbs and each kit ships in two boxes. Please note that if you are ordering multiple kits the shipping address must be accessible by delivery truck. Due to DOT restricions, all non-commercial and residential deliveries are by appointment, customers will be contacted by the shipping company prior to final delivery. Orders that have not confirmed delivery may be delayed. Please contact our customer service with any questions or for assistance with the delivery process.

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