Tiger Foam™ Open Cell Formula – 1350 Kit

TF-1350 Open Cell 1350 Kit
Tiger Foam™ Open Cell 1350 Kit – #TF-1350
Price: $720.00

Tiger Foam™ Open Cell Spray Foam is a multiple purpose open cell, low density polyurethane spray foam that utilizes a non-flammable blowing agent and is excellent for sound deadening and reducing noise levels. Open Cell Spray Foam conforms to the requirements of ASTM E84 as a “Class 2” material, tested at 4” thickness. This kit comes complete with a 15 ft Gun/Hose Assembly, 10 Cone Nozzle Tips, and kit preparation instructions.

Respirator Masks with organic vapor filters and a prefilter for particulates are required when applying spray foam insulation. PLEASE read our Operating Instructions & FAQ PDF file for additional, important usage info. This kit has a theoretical yield of 450 board feet (square foot at 3″) or 112.5 cu. ft. Shipping weight per kit = 116 lbs, ships in two boxes.

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