Safety Equipment

Tiger Foam™ Insulation’s polyurethane foams should always be used in conjunction with a certified respiratory program, safety goggles, nitrile gloves and clothing that protects from skin exposure.
Order the gear you need to safely apply our products here.

Spray Foam tyvek Suit
Tyvek Suit with Hood

Great protection from our highly adhesive foam products, especially if spraying above your head, or if you are in a crawlspace. Sizes: Large: 5’6” – 5’11” 155 – 190lbs, X-Large: 5’8″ to 6’1″ 165 – 210lbs, XX-Large: 5’10” – 6’4” 175 – 250lbs.


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Spray Foam Respirator
Respirators – Maintenance Free, Single Use.

Here is a link to additional information and guidance on an OSHA approved respirator program and guidance on how often to change cartridges; If continuous use of Tiger Foam kits is anticipated, then additional “maintenance free” respirators and/or the purchase of individual face piece and cartridges may be necessary.

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Spray Foam Safety Goggles
Tiger Foam™ Safety Goggles
Price: $6.99

Tiger Foam™ Goggles are recommended to protect your eyes and especially eye lashes from adhesive mist of overspray.


Replacement Parts

Each Tiger Foam™ Insulation kit comes with a hose and extra nozzle tips.
Order extras or replacements here.

Spray Foam tips
Gun and Hose Assemblies

Each Tiger Foam™ Kit comes complete with gun and hose assembly. These are for the replacement of lost or damaged assemblies or simply to have spares on hand.
Please choose between either a 9 foot or 15 foot hose.

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Spray Foam tips
Replacement Nozzle Tips

Cone Nozzle Tips Cone Spray nozzles spray a circular pattern that is smaller the closer you hold it to the surface. Primarily for Slow Rise Cavity Fill formula and fast rise applications requiring smaller, more directed spray patterns.
Fan Nozzle Tips: Fan Spray Pattern Nozzle tips are recommended for larger areas. These tips spray a 12″ to 15″ pattern when held 12″ to 15″ from the surface.

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